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Version Against Test Case Is Removed on Save

When I create a new test cycle and then I click the test cycle number to select 'Add test cases' and where the fix version is already assigned to the test cycle, when I select the test cases I need and then click Add, the test cases are populated and highlighted via the Test Cycle.

I then can remove/add to the Assigned To and also add an Environment. It's noted at this point the Version field for each Test Case is populated.

Once I click Save, everything else but the Version for each test cases is removed.

I then have to individually select each test case via the test player to add the fix version. This is time consuming.

  • Nicholas Burgess
  • May 23 2022
  • New
As a... Test Lead
I would like... have the fix version saved against each test case in a test cycle when I select Save
So that I... don't have to add the fix version individually for each test case via the test player as it can be and it time consuming
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