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On the Configuration screen for Custom Fields with type = "Select List", add logic similar to 'Statuses' for: 1) management of "options", and 2) data migration (eg, replace "value1" with "value2" for all test cases that use "value1").

During a phone conversation with Thiago, Dan and Assis, Thiago said this functionality currently doesn't exist, and recommended I add this Idea. While designing similar features as this in the past, I've found there are a lot of details, so I will do my best to convey my thoughts at a high level. We can talk live if needed. I feel this enhancement is VERY IMPORTANT for a variety of reasons, but primarily database integrity, and secondarily usability.

  1. Do not allow duplicate values (options)

  2. Add the ability to archive and delete values. Doing this should initiate a database query to find all records using that value, and present users with options: 1) migrate the data to a another value, 2) delete the data (I guess it would go to "None", 3) or leave it as is, 4) other?

  3. As we all know, over time -- let's say years -- values need to be added, changed and removed (or archived) from tables. A few things: First, even though a value in the table may have been archived, the records in the database associated with it should still have the archived value... Second, having good auditing or history is important... to see who made the table update, date/timestamp, what they added/changed, etc).

  4. When deleting or archiving values, including the count of impacted records in the database is important, and knowing if the conversion was successful. For example, it's possible 98 records may have converted to the new value properly; however, 2 records did not (perhaps since the records were locked for editing). In this case a message should display with some information (eg, primary keys of records that were not migrated).

  5. Currently when you 'Add' an Option, if you forget to press 'Save' it's not saved. A warning message would be good asking if you want to save or discard your change.

  6. Similar to 'Statuses' field, add things like: descriptions, colors, selecting a default.

  • Dan Falcon
  • Aug 26 2021
  • Gathering Interest
As a... Test Manager
I would like... To have more control over the Custom Fields with type = "Select List" similar to what is in place for 'Statuses' fields (eg, Test Case Status)
So that I... Can manage the values (options) better and ensure data integrity of the test case, step, cycles, plans, executions
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  • Dan Falcon commented
    8 Dec, 2021 10:07pm

    Howdy David, I was hoping we could get to this one during our meeting yesterday. This is currently #13 (Priority 2) on the spreadsheet I provided to you. Although I agree with you this one has many parts, personally I prefer to keep them bundled because doing so provides users with an enhancement that I believe would have high value -- separate they may have limited value. That said, I realize it's your decision to make and there are many considerations -- including doing smaller enhancements over a period of time. I'm available for a live discussion, and feel this is an important one to address.... Thanks, Dan

  • Admin
    David Lechevalier commented
    27 Oct, 2021 08:21am

    Hey Dan, this idea seems to be actually many ideas. Can you split that in multiple ideas please?