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Click button to display a listing of all test cases in a Test Cycle

There should be one button located on the Test Cases tab of a Test Cycle which allows you to see a listing of all the selected test cases in the Tests view. The view should adjust its settings, such as selecting 'All Test Cases' in folder panel, clear any active Filters, etc. so that all the test cases can be displayed.

This is needed because when a test cycle is complete, the test cases within the test cycle undergo review to determine whether they become regression tests, need updating, etc.

Currently, this must be done by either clicking each test case from the Test Cycle or by creating large filters.

  • Felicia Weick
  • Mar 23 2021
  • Gathering Interest
As a... Test Manager
I would like... to click a button in the Test Cases tab of a Test Cycle which displays the test cases in the Tests repository view
So that I... can manipulate the test cases as needed...like updating statuses, versions, custom fields, etc.
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