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As a Test Creator, I want to set some steps as optional (better reusability)

We have test cases where we want to execute different steps depending on the value of a parameter (e.g. value A uses step 1 and value B uses step 2), but all remaining steps should be executed for all variants (e.g. steps 3 to 10 for values A and B). It would be helpful to have a mechanism to disable test steps so that only the necessary steps would be displayed when the test case is executed. Currently we use an "IF/ELSE" text construct as a workaround, which has to be evaluated by the tester.

  • Urs Fiechter
  • Feb 18 2021
  • Gathering Interest
As a... Test Engineer
I would like... to have the possibility of optional test steps
So that I... can reuse test cases with "PARAMETER" for "CALL TO TEST" more easily.
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