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As a test engineer, I want to update existing test execution via api

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  • Nov 10 2020
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As a... Test Engineer
I would like... to update existing test execution via api
So that I... can change test execution results that have been posted via api
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  • Steven Krauß commented
    23 Apr 08:55pm

    The testcycles endpoints is not able to provide the testcases to run. Additionally, we would not be able to update testcases for a specific testcycle. I was astonished that the API lags these features.
    Please allow us to manage testcycles via API entirely.

  • Davit Arzumanyan commented
    10 Feb 08:33am

    Hi Team,

    I think it's very priority feature because we can not update existing test case status in Test Cycle. There are not endpoint for updating status (e.g PASS/FAIL).

    Please add the feature. it's very important.

  • Guest commented
    27 Sep, 2021 03:51pm

    Hi Team,

    Considering the below process,

    Step1: Creating the Test cycle, let’s say we have created the test cycle C1.

    Step2: Adding the test case to the cycle , let’s say it is T1 as shown in the below screenshot.

    Step3: As soon as we add Testcase it will create one Not Executed testcase execution entry.

    Step4: I want to update the above entry which created in step3.

    I would like to update the existing test execution i.e Not executed to either Pass/Fail depends on the testcase.

    Please can you provide an API to do the same.

  • simon werling commented
    13 Nov, 2020 10:44am

    I really want to push this idea.

    When we create test executions we want to track the progress of a cycle execution, what includes, that we pre-assign test executions to a cycle with status "Not executed".

    After added all relevant Test Cases to the cycle, the real test starts.

    By POSTing /testexecutions with the same TestCase key, it is always created a new test execution, which tells me in the report, that the case for some reason needed a re-execution (because of flakyness or whatever). This is a wrong assumption.

    Changing a result/status of a test case in execution is fundamental in tracking test case execution progress.

    Thanks and best regards