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API support for managing attachments

I want to be able to create, fetch, and delete attachments for test cases, test plans, test cycles, test steps and test executions.

  • Cristiano Caetano
  • Jul 6 2020
  • Planned
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  • Admin
    David Lechevalier commented
    15 Jun 02:06pm

    Hi everyone, we aim at mid Q4 for the release of this API.

  • Steven Krauß commented
    25 May 08:30am

    @Cristiano What is the schedule on this one and how can we support?

  • Jared Aarons commented
    17 May 03:05pm

    Any updates on this?

  • Satish Duvvuri commented
    18 Apr 07:17am

    Pls implement this feature ASAP.

  • Anthony Egizi commented
    29 Mar 07:22am

    This is Much needed enhancement and is a absolute necessity for test engineers when executing automated tests

  • Marek Balgar commented
    24 Mar 03:31pm

    Please implement this feature ASAP. Do you know, when exactly it will be implemented? We are considering to use Zephyr for our whole development in our company, but this is one of key functionalities for us.

  • Alan Fischer commented
    24 Mar 09:40am

    Please implement this feature ASAP.

  • Marwan Alabassiry commented
    13 Mar 02:00pm

    Yes please. If this feature is added we can attach custom html reports to the test execution as well.

  • Kent Chiu commented
    25 Feb 05:54pm

    This feature is a must have. It will help speeding up and provide efficiency in test cases creation especially for copying/cloning test cases from one project to another. Please implement it ASAP.

  • Muni Chittoor commented
    18 Jan 05:16pm

    Please implement this feature. It is necessary to add attachment at step level thru API calls automatically.

  • Guest commented
    18 Jan 06:08am

    Please implement this feature. This is a basic need for the test engineers.

  • Thomas Rippel commented
    23 Dec, 2021 07:07am

    For test automation, it is necessary to add attachments to automatically created test executions.

  • Sai Naveen Nukala commented
    10 Dec, 2021 04:55am

    Please implement this feature ASAP.

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