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As a user, I want to use JQL functions to view test coverage

As a TM4J user
I want JQL functions for TM4J
So that I can easily find items with no coverage/test coverage inside Jira

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  • Cristiano Caetano
  • Jul 6 2020
  • Not for now
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  • Nadiya Strus commented
    14 Jan 02:23pm

    I would like JQL functions for TM4J to use in JIRA's issue search

    So that I can:

    1) have the list of JiraIssues not covered by test cases

  • Veronika Strauss commented
    24 Aug, 2020 07:35am

    It would suffice if the same commands were available for the cloud version as for the server version.

  • Lisa DeSiero commented
    17 Aug, 2020 07:24pm

    This would be great. I actually use the Traceability report to do this - but it takes some time to ensure the accuracy because the execution status is not by cycle. (we put all tests into cycles as well as link them to JIRA tickets when they are supportive of that testing)

  • Felicia Weick commented
    6 Aug, 2020 04:30pm

    Love this idea!

    As a TM4J AND JIRA user

    I would like JQL functions for TM4J to use in JIRA's issue search

    So that I can

    • pull a list of all tests assigned to issues with a specific fixVersion both to use the exported data and to check for test coverage.

    • cross-reference JIRA issues with JIRA labels against TM4J tests with test case labels.

    • list all Test Plans and Test Cycles with a specific fixVersion AND list the tests within those Test Cycles.

    • list all test cases without a linked coverage issue.

    • list all execution statuses for tests within Test Cycles with a specific fixVersion or by Test Cycle name.

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